Swedish Massage
Promotes general relaxation, improves circulation, decreases muscle tension and improves range of motion.

Body Mobilization Techniques
Assesses quality of motion and flexibility. Increases circulation and stimulates nerves and muscles to promote injury recovery.

Maintains and increases length of connective tissue. Enhances flexibility.

Deep Tissue
An integration of Rolfing, Zero Balancing and Myofascial Release concentrating on deeper muscle layers.

Circulatory, connective tissue, pre and post event massage for increased performance and injury prevention.

Strutural Bodywork
Structural Bodywork plays a powerful role in de-stressing the body through circulatory work, friction, and myofascial release. Addresses the anatomy of postural balance/imbalance, and physiological impact of overuse.

Each bodywork session is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. One or all of the above techniques may be employed to address conditions present at each session.